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Rowing in San Francisco Bay

“One year after sustaining multiple injuries in a serious car accident, my physical therapist was ready to discharge me, as my broken bones and hip had healed. Fortunately, she recognized that was just the beginning of the recovery process, and referred me to Natazha.

What I learned working with Natazha one on one and in groups over the subsequent four years was how to strengthen the body through posture and Pilates, and the spirit through calming breath. She helped me not only repair my injured parts but to regain a sense of wellbeing and peace after a traumatic life experience. She was able to shepherd me from a scared and skinny post-trauma patient to a confident, strong and balanced person who can mountain bike, hike, and work at full capacity.”

– Renee Howard, MD

“On my recent European vacation, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my endurance and strength. For the first time in years I managed my own luggage and my back and neck didn’t ache when I stood for hours in museums. Plus I can do planks….a real victory! Natazha’s classes get the credit. Her classes are grounded in scientific research and she knows just how hard to push. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

– Carol Fox

“Natazha is my favorite PT. She is kind, passionate, professional and extremely capable. After three pregnancies, I had serious problems with sciatica. I started seeing Natazha and went from sharp pain every time I sat down to getting back to my regular spinning classes. I’ve also been able to do HIT training and weight lifting since Natazha was able to collaborate with my trainer to improve my form.

She supported my health and fitness goals by teaching me stretching, core strength training and posture. Natazha’s expertise expands beyond her PT field, attending her classes is a holistic lifestyle learning experience.”

– Dokleida K.  MD

“Natazha’s coaching is helping me better understand the underlying causes of my aches and pains. She’s the first person to teach me how to breathe well and properly align myself. That’s allowing me to correct problems stemming from decades of working at a desk. Since training with her, I’ve noticed my strength, flexibility, balance, and overall health is improving. She even encouraged me to quit smoking. I’m now rowing better and ready to go beyond the Golden Gate Bridge to tackle the Pacific Ocean in my rowboat.”

-Scott Stark

“I dropped Natazha’s classes to take care of my Mom when she was dying and saw a big decline in my strength and balance. I’m glad I returned to class because last week I hiked in Lake Tahoe at high altitude without any of my usual problems. Even though I have COPD I breathed with ease and kept up with everyone else. What surprised me the most was I had no problems with my legs. I have peripheral artery disease (PAD) and normally get leg pain when I hike or walk for long periods of time.”

– Anne Haskell

“Natazha’s vast knowledge of the body and mind connection was extremely helpful in both my marathon training and cycling events. Her classes and breathing workshops helped me greatly in building up my endurance, strengthening my core and learning how to listen to my body. All contributed to successful and positive outcomes of my events.”

– Corinne Char

“After two falls and some broken bones, I knew it was time to improve my balance. Natazha’s class has been tailor-made to help me do that and so much more. My body awareness has improved, as well as my posture and core strength. In addition, I have chronic asthma, and the breathing emphasis has helped me tremendously in my every day life. After I strained my back, Natazha was very helpful in adapting the exercises to my limited capabilities, and I was back to normal much faster than if I had stayed on the sofa at home!”

– Jane Miller

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