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In Rescued by My Breath, Natazha shares how she saved herself with her breath when her Mom died. At her Mom’s funeral, Natazha experienced emotional electroshock therapy. She felt jolted over and over again by grief and regret as she realized how stigmatized and ashamed her Mom must have felt while raising her 12 kids. Worse yet, she had misinterpreted her Mom’s shame as jealousy. That fueled a huge rift with her Mom, stopped her from having kids, and alienated her not only from her family and herself. Worse yet, there was nothing Natazha could do about it. Her Mom was dead and gone.

She desperately wanted to not run away from her pain. She wanted to run, row, swim, or hike to avoid her anguish. But instead she chose to process her heartache by writing letters to her Mom that turned into her book, Rescued by My Breath. She consciously breathed through her emotional pain as she wrote which was the key to releasing her heartache and forgiving herself.

The best things in life are delivered by the breath. By reading Rescued by My Breath, you’ll learn how to:

    • Be present to CLAIM prizes like reconciling with a loved one, a friendship ripening into unconditional love, or feeling connected to yourself
    • Hold yourself together with your breath instead of hold your breath when you’re stressed
    • Exhale to heal and forgive, especially yourself
    • Bless the distance between yourself & others with your breath



Praise for Rescued By My Breath

“This is an amazing, powerful, and well-written book about a subject that I never knew existed, but that captivated me from the get-go. I learned things about breathing that I will incorporate in my own life — and that will stick with me for the rest of it. The writing is completely honest and touching, especially in the portions of the manuscript that relate to childhood abuse and challenging family dynamics.”

Bill Worth
Editor, Writer, Retired Unity Minister

“This is a passionate, vulnerable, enlightened journey from trauma to wholeness. It reveals how the power of our breath can truly transform our lives by one who did it. Natazha’s healing of her deeply conflicted relationship with her mother touched my heart and inspired me deeply. Her understanding of conscious breathing as a powerful instrument to carry us from pain to freedom makes this a must-read for all of us who breathe.”

Rev. David McArthur, J.D.
Author of Your Spiritual Heart

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