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Age Well


Lifestyle Medicine is for those who:

  • Need to improve their balance
  • Have stopped critical activities for staying in shape and maintaining their balance, like hiking, biking, skiing, traveling, golfing
  • Notice they’re more stooped over and shorter
  • Are nervous about falling
  • Want to stave off surgeries and improve their current condition
  • Want to improve their poor posture or scoliosis
  • Suffer from lower back and/or arthritis
  • Struggle to keep up with friends and family
  • Need group support as they improve their balance, posture, and breathing
  • Have trouble breathing: COPD, Asthma, or Current Smokers


Through this course you’ll experience:

  • Retrain your habits to overcome culprits in premature aging
  • How to use your breathing, movement, and imagination to ripen rather than rot as you age
  • Learn the “Rules of our Bones and Bodies.” There’s only one way to stand up tall and align your bones and body.
  • How to address ageism, be compassionate with your aging body, mind, heart, and soul
  • Positive group dynamics and support

Perform Well


Lifestyle Medicine addresses performing well for those who:

  • Are of any age and skill level
  • Participate in any sport or activity (hiking, biking, running, rowing, jumping, MOVING!)
  • Want to prevent injuries
  • Suffer from a recent or recurring injury
  • Want the tools to improve their sports performance
  • Register as an individual or with current team or corporation!


Through this course you’ll learn:

  • How to breathe well on and off the athletic field
  • Learn sports-specific breathing techniques
  • Alignment techniques with special emphasis on breathing, posture, and balance
  • Use your innate abilities to drastically upgrade your coordination and performance, and to prevent injuries
  • Receive both quantitative feedback and qualitative; why this type of feedback is important and how to use it effectively
  • Learn how to recover faster from workouts and prevent injuries
  • Learn why HRV (Heart Rate Variability) is essential, Balance between PNS and SNS of the Autonomic Nervous system, importance of Exhale-Dominant Breathing, and consciousness as you exercise
  • Develop Body Awareness, the super ingredient for successful sports performance: Learn to have your body follow your commands and retrain bad habits (Spacing out, watching TV moving on the elliptical machine doesn’t equal exercise; that’s repetitive movement and a recipe for injury. You’re not paying attention to what you’re doing)
  • Raise consciousness as you exercise

Heal Well


Lifestyle Medicine is for those who:

  • Medicate themselves through better breathing, postural and movement habits
  • Wish to relieve everyday stresses and pains
  • Use imagery and imagination to alleviate pain and heal injuries
  • Recover from the frustrated, depression, and fatigue that often accompany ongoing injuries
  • Wish to prepare for surgeries or prevent unnecessary surgeries
  • Want sports training backed by medical expertise
  • Don’t want to play “catch-up medicine”


Through this course you’ll learn:

  • How to differentiate pain from high sensation (aching muscles, pain, discomfort, etc.)
  • To take less pain medication and/or end dependency pain medication
  • Breath and movement principles to move with more ease and comfort
  • Learn to focus on your cure rather than the injury
  • Learn breathing techniques to alleviate stress that exacerbates your pain
  • To boost your immunity from learned helplessness

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