Let's breathe about it.

How to Justify your Unusual Back and Neck Pain Solution

Sometimes people just can’t help themselves from commenting on something they may perceive as out of the norm.

And I can attest from personal experience, when wearing your back pack the “wrong” way, you may very well receive plenty of unnecessary feedback and silly comments. For example, “don’t you know you’re supposed to wear a backpack on your back?” as if I hadn’t meant to consciously wear it as a front-pack!

Instead of being discouraged at others’ lack of acceptance for the unorthodox, I take their feedback as an opportunity to educate them on why I’m wearing a bag this way: as an usual and easy solution for back and neck pain. If you happen to encounter unwanted comments from other people, use this video as a guide on how to respond. It may take practice, but practice makes perfect!


If you’re wondering why you’d want to wear a backpack the wrong way, check out the first video in the series here by clicking here. Your sore neck and back will thank you for it!