Let's breathe about it.

No More Blue Christmas: How to Reach Those Who Are Gone

Many of us miss our loved ones that can no longer celebrate the holidays with us.

I miss my Mom who died less than 2 years ago. Her death affected me so deeply that I wrote a book called Rescued by My Breath.  It’s a tribute to both my Mom who taught me to never take my breath for granted and the almighty act of breathing. Written as letters to my Mom, my book illustrates how we breathe can either fulfill us or kill us. (It is now an Amazon Best Seller and can be found here.

I’d like to read the letter within my book entitled Touching You with My Exhale. I feel it will show you how to relieve your Holidays Blues through your breathing.


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No More Blue Christmas is a series of podcasts on experiencing the holidays without holding our breath. This series allows us to breathe and let go of many of our problems that prevent us from fully and wholly enjoying this time of year. Click the links below to view each of the episodes.

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Many of us have trauma to work through in our lives, whether from family loss, past hurt, or ongoing pain. Writing my book Rescued by my Breath, allowed me to work and breathe through my pain. My book is now an Amazon Best Seller and is available in time for the holidays. I hope it inspires you or your loved ones to move through your own hurt.